Pressure pipe in line inspection for water utilities


Pressure Pipe Inspection and Reporting

CPM Pipelines is a trailblazer in the pressure pipe inspection and reporting segment of the water and wastewater industry. CPM offers innovative technologies and equipment for the inspection of pressure pipelines. Our technologies include:


• Acquaint Acquarius and Aquabrella In-line Inspection Tools

• Acquaint Pipe Scanner

• GUTERMANN Acoustic Correlating Loggers

• Electromagnetic Bracelet ProbeTM

• Deep Trekker Pivot ROV

• Olympus UT Equipment
• INGU Pipers® Free Floating 


CPM Pipelines has completed pipeline inspections on over 500 pipelines for clients throughout the United States. Our qualified service staff and innovative inspection technologies are equipped to perform inspections on pipelines of all sizes from 3-inch up to 120-inch, and all material types (PCCP, BWP, DI, CI, FRP, AC, PVC, HDPE) for water distribution and wastewater force mains. CPM’s staff are trained to perform work in facilities, plants, pump stations and reservoir sites, as well as outside with confined space entry and within traffic restrictions. Upon completion, clients are provided reporting for each of the assets and can incorporate them into an ESRI based GIS database that can easily be added to an existing GIS system. CPM works with clients to provide long term solutions to protect their assets, reduce overall non-revenue water, thus providing reduced costs, improving service reliability for clients and customers, and helping sustain our future water supply.