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Proactive asset management is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of critical infrastructure.

With our extensive experience in force main inspection, we deliver a wide range of pressure pipe inspection services designed to address the unique requirements of our clients throughout the United States. Our highly qualified and extensively trained field technicians, coupled with our wide array of cutting-edge inspection technologies, enable us to efficiently and effectively inspect pipelines of all sizes, ranging from 3-inch to 120-inch diameters. Our expertise extends to all material types, including PCCP, BWP, DI, CI, FRP, AC, PVC, and HDPE, positioning us to effectively support both water distribution systems and wastewater force mains.

At CPM Pipelines, we play a vital role in maintaining and optimizing water and wastewater infrastructure. By leveraging our range of pressure pipe inspection technologies, clients can adopt proactive, data-driven strategies to effectively manage their assets, significantly improve service reliability for their constituents, minimize non-revenue water losses, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of future water supplies. Our commitment to providing advanced pressure pipe inspection solutions, backed by state-of-the-art technologies, establishes us as a reliable partner in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of our clients’ pipeline networks.

Acquaint Acquarius In-line Inspection Technology

In-line Inspection Technologies

INGU Pipers® Free Floating Inspection Technology

Free Floating Inspection Technologies