Aquabrella In line Inspection Tool



Free swimming, intelligent robot for use on potable water pipelines made of concrete, asbestos cement, cast iron, stainless steel and HPDE/PVC/GRP with a diameter greater than or equal to 16-inches. Resembling a series of umbrellas, the flexible design of the Aquabrella easily passes through the pipe with the flow of water, following the alignment changes and diameter as its sensors monitor the condition of pressure and transport pipes over many miles in a single run, recording and sending measurement data to the cloud platform.  The accuracy and consistency in the data collected is a direct result of sensor placement directly against the interior wall of the pipe. Aquabrella provides a complete condition assessment measuring wall thickness degradation, location, corrosion, leaching and sulphate attack.

Data driven information gathered by the inspection is compiled in a straightforward and easy to understand report. The report includes a geographic shape file (Shape/GIS/RD) with the results of the inspection. 

Data can be reviewed through a 3D HTML dashboard that contains a comprehensive overview of the anomalies.