Acquarius Tool



With on-board ultrasonic testing (UT) circumferential scanning sensors and internal mapping unit (IMU), the Acquarius is a diverse in-line inspection in-line inspection tool designed to use in different types of pipes and materials. Acquarius’ sensors record the condition of many miles of transmission, pressure or sewer pipelines in a single run without shut down, recording and sending inspection data to the cloud platform.  The tool is designed to provide high-quality, accurate data in a wide range of applications, service conditions and pipeline environments. Collected data provides insight into the condition, risks and lifetime of the inspected pipeline. This ultra-flexible, configuration friendly, and reliable tool provides wall thickness measurements, ID changes, precise pipe geometry, joint gap width and AC leaching (degradation of asbestos cement). Acquarius’s comprehensive report helps set maintenance and management priorities based on data driven results. Asset managers can predict and repair pipeline damage before it occurs. This proactive approach provides data driven insights to set actionable decisions with known budgets for rehabilitation, eliminating disruptive pipe breaks, and associated environmental and economic impacts.


The deliverable includes a summary report including executive summary, spreadsheet of anomalies detected, and summary of findings in GIS format, illustrating the various data points gathered and the geographical representation of the locations of points of interest. 

The data can be reviewed through a 3D HTML dashboard containing a comprehensive overview of the pipeline anomalies as shown below.

Watch how an Acquarius inspection was performed by Acquaint on a force main for Waterschapsbedrij Limburg in the Netherlands.