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FRP Panels

Quick to install, maintenance-free corrosion protection for wastewater structures.

Geneva Pipe and Precast’s Composite fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) Rehab Panels are ideal for rehabilitating existing large wastewater structures as well as for providing a corrosion-resistant lining to new structures, extending the service life by decades.

Composite FRP Panels consist of a polypropylene honeycomb core with polyester fleece backing and a thick outer layer of corrosion-resistant FRP. The panels come
pre-drilled and ready to be mechanically fastened to the walls of an existing concrete structure. Once the panels are securely mounted, the void between the panels and the walls is filled with high-strength grout to provide additional strength to the system. Seams between the panels and all fastener heads are sealed in a three-step process by qualified applicators providing seamless protection from the corrosive environment of hydrogen sulfide gases.

  • Economical and reliable solution
  • Field inspected, qualified, and engineered system
  • Third-party tested for corrosion resistance
  • Customizable design
Wet Well Rehabilitation Cost Analysis
Wet Well Rehabilitation Cost Analysis

PVC Manholes

Proven mechanically resistant to raw sewer, Geneva Pipe and Precast’s Perfect Lined Manholes are revolutionizing municipal wastewater management. The corrosion resistant pipe and manhole system has an anchored liner that provides 100% coverage and creates a smooth laminar flow with a tight seal. Utilizing an innovative design, the joints require no field welds in most sizes and can connect to most new or existing systems. The Perfect Lined Manhole System has a design life of 100+ years in most sanitary sewer environments.

Perfect pipe consists of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) with an integrated high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner that is wet-cast in the pipe wall forming a corrosion-proof barrier. The pipe is ideal in direct bury, trenchless, high loading, and high ground water applications. Perfect Lined Manhole System integrates a monolithic base and an FRP liner with HDPE protected riser sections and lid. The one-pour base eliminates cold joints and connects to nearly any plastic, clay, concrete, or fiberglass sewer pipe.