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Providing a comprehensive approach to maintaining air release valves and isolation valves in water and wastewater systems.

Air release valves (ARV) and isolation valves play a critical role in pressured pipelines, quickly venting large volumes of air during filling or startup, and allowing air back into the pipeline during emptying, thus eliminating negative pressure. A properly functioning air release valve continually releases excess air out of the system, resulting in smooth and efficient operation.

CPM’s confined space certified technicians perform ARV assessment, maintenance, and installation helping clients protect their pipeline’s system and maintain efficiency, preventing possible further damage. Our inspection/assessment includes a final report confirming valve manufacturer and model, size, cover and vault condition, components disassembled during inspection, isolation valve condition, drain plug condition, water intrusion or drainage issues, parts replaced or recommended, and overall condition analysis. Proper maintenance extends the life, and ensures the ARV is functioning properly to prevent damage to other components in the system.

We offer products from industry leading manufacturers H-TEC and VSI Waterworks providing long-term solutions for distribution and collection systems.

Current Valve Inventory


H-TEC distributes innovative and high-quality valves and fittings for potable water and wastewater systems, manufactured in Germany. Their state-of-the-art products are benchmarks in terms of functionality, corrosion resistance, and long-term cost savings for the pipeline operator. The quality corrosion protection uses the fluidized bed epoxy powder coating system.


VSI Waterworks has manufactured butterfly, plug, gate, ball and check valves since 1995. All valves are manufactured using ductile iron as a standard for bodies and discs/gates, providing a tensile strength double that of cast iron. Shafts are stainless steel 304, and the EPDM for seats and seals is peroxide or sulfur cured.