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Trenchless Rehabilitation for Pressure Pipes: Saving the Environment and Protecting your Budget.

BulletLiner System® FFRP is an innovative technology with a close-fit design for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines suitable for water, wastewater, gas and oil. BulletLiner System® is an AWWA Class III, semi-structural liner and works independent of the host pipe or in conjunction with the host pipe dependent upon the specific project design parameters and pressure requirements.

Provides a budget-friendly, permanent rehabilitation to aging infrastructure with a 5-year material warranty, and 50-year design life at approximately one-third the cost of dig and replace. The liner is flexible, easily navigating through multiple bends of up to 45º, with the material strength of a steel pipeline. Surge pressure ratings are up to two times the operating pressure. Due to BulletLiner System®’s extreme flexibility, it opens up a variety of rehab applications eliminating dig and replace, and the resulting financial and environmental impacts. Installation requires two small excavation pits, one at each end of the rehabilitation span to a depth 1- to 2-feet below the lower pipe invert.

  • NSF 61 certified for potable water systems.
  • Available in 2- to 48-inch diameters.
  • Custom design and manufacture for higher pressures.
  • Resists temperatures -40ºF to 167ºF,  with H-Series liner resisting temperatures up to 230ºF.
  • Navigates through complex geometry, up to 45-degree bends with installation speeds up to 1,312-feet per hour via two excavation pits where it’s connected to the host pipe with corrosion-protected trenchless termination fittings.
  • Close-fit design provides renewal with minimal restriction of internal diameter.
  • C-Factor of 150 improves flow in most applications.

Save the environment.
Protect your budget.


BulletSleeve Termination Fittings


Termination Fittings

All-in-one socket coupling used to join and restrain steel, DCI, PE/PVC, and AC pipes with corrosion protected connections. Adaptable to varying outside dimensions, ranging from 2- to 16-inches, with a bolt head locking device for one hand tightening. Pressure rated to 25 PSI, reusable, and a 10-year factory warranty.

BulletSleeve Flange Coupling Adapter


Flange Coupling Adapter

The BulletFCA by Hawle provides high quality restraint connections to all common water supply pipes. Secures steel, DCI, and PE/PVC pipes with full corrosion protection.