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External Pipeline Inspection Technology

The Acquaint PipeScanner is loaded with sensors to detect pipe wall thickness, corrosion, leaching, and deterioration due to H2S degradation that collect data to provide insight on the pipeline’s condition. PipeScanner assessments have an accuracy of up to < 1mm.

PipeScanner is specifically developed to inspect pipelines in a non-destructive way, from the outside, with little disturbance. For use on steel, cast iron, asbestos cement, and HPDE/PVC pipelines. Measurement data is transmitted to Acquaint’s cloud via the upload tool, where algorithms and data models analyze the data and convert it to valuable insights. Asset owners easily gain accurate access to the pipeline’s current condition within the day. Acquaint’s advanced dashboard provides all the insights and overviews necessary to zoom in and out on collected inspection data, allowing owners to focus on key performance indicators, set threshold values, and generate reports. The PipeScanner’s inspection data allows asset owners to manage condition assessments, and implement planning for further inspections, repairs or rehabilitation.

Acquaint PipeScanner External Inspection Technology
360º External Pipeline Inspections in a Flash.