CPM Pipelines (CPM) was founded in 2010 and is privately held and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 2013 CPM has specialized in providing field inspection services for pipeline condition assessment projects and specialty pressure pipe rehabilitation systems and technologies.  CPM has provided services in a variety of industries including municipal water, wastewater, industrial, and power through many of the national consulting firms.  Projects span the United States from east to west coast.  CPM has completed thousands of projects focused on pressure pipe inspection and rehabilitation.  We strive to introduce and pioneer new, innovative technologies previously unavailable in the United States and diligently evaluates these technologies prior to introducing them to our core client base. 

CPM offers a unique package of solutions by combining specialized consulting and contracting services resulting in a unique perspective and understanding of how various inspection and rehabilitation systems interrelate.  Relationships with a variety of technologies allow CPM staff to fully understand budgets associated with both inspection and rehabilitation, guiding clients to a cost-effective suite of solutions for their specific issues.  CPM staff include field service technicians and supervisors, project managers, as well as sales and service team members to provide support and expertise throughout every phase of an inspection or rehabilitation project.  Our staff will manage the entire process to deliver a successful project and deliverables to clients. 

CPM takes pride in providing innovative technologies and services, unmatched in the industry, for clients looking to proactively maintain and extend the life of their critical infrastructure.  Our staff is fully trained for performing work in challenging conditions including confined space, traffic right of way, industrial and mining sites, and underwater applications.  We are equipped for pressurized pipe condition investigations that include metallic, concrete, PVC, FRP, PCCP, bar wrapped, and others.  Pipe sizes range from 4-inch to over 100-inch.  In addition to both manned entry, robotics, and in-line inspection tools for pipe inspections, CPM also provides installation, start-up, maintenance, and repair services for ancillary items associated with the pipelines including air valves, isolation valves, control valves, and water storage facilities. 

Whether the needs of the client involve pressure pipe, gravity pipe, water, wastewater, air or gas, CPM has equipment and technologies to provide best in class inspections in addition to various point repair or full rehabilitation solutions.  We have the capability to support the needs of rehabilitation projects, design, product selection, installation, and start up.  Our project footprint for pipeline inspection and rehabilitation spans throughout the United States with projects completed at extreme depths up to 800-feet below grade.  CPM is honored to have been selected by the innovators at Acquaint to partner in North America to deliver their unique inspection tools on projects with clients nationwide.