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Real-time Leak Detection and Localization Software

Partnering with the innovators at in North America, CPM Pipelines provides a research-based solution for real-time leak detection and localization.’s journey started at Acquaint, offering innovative in-line inspection technologies for the water and wastewater industry. As a spin-off from Acquaint and academic research funded by Dutch water utilities, was established in 2021.’s mission is to provide a globally affordable solution to improve water supplies and reduce non-revenue water use “together” with our clients. We believe that developing knowledge together with our clients will proactively manage a sustainable and future-proof water supply.

Disruptive AI technology for real-time anomaly management of water networks.

Funded through the Dutch drinking water utilities, is utilized widely to reduce false alarms.’s solution provides water utilities with a revolutionary approach to detect, localize, and quantify leaks in the very early stages. If no pressure and/or flow sensors are available, we have an automated solution to help utilities decide how many sensors they need and where they should be placed. provides real-time localized leaks, allowing utilities to respond quickly and minimize larger failures.

Fit with the U.S. market due to limited start-up requirement. software does not require a lot of information compared to other technologies. The network structure in the U.S. is similar to the Dutch network. Typically, there are either no district-metered areas (DMAs) or rather large ones (supply zones). For traditional monitoring solutions, DMAs are required. Moreover, conventional forecasting methods for real-time leak detection allow false alarms and need historical pressure and flow data to train the algorithms. does not require:

  • Isolated DMAs: also works in big open network structures, like rural areas.
  • Years of historical data: is plug-and-play and works after one week.
  • An excessive number of sensors: identifies optimal pressure and flow sensor placement to obtain insights into the network.
  • Extensive analysis to narrow down the search area: uses existing pressure sensors and the GIS model to pre-localize leaks in real-time. minimizes and reduces the impact of leaks, preventing ongoing damage to existing infrastructure, and conserving our precious resource, water.  

Better, faster, economical and together? Yes!

Yes. It is possible. Get to know our solutions. Since we use our innovative algorithms together with our clients, we make sure all knowledge will be transferred to the client. We do not offer black-box solutions. Our mission is to bring the know-how to the client. This innovative technology and approach makes leak detection better, faster, economical, and together with our clients! developed algorithms to optimize sensor positioning and to detect, classify, size and localize anomalies, and leaks. Since we do this based on the client’s needs, it allows us to make a specific solution for every client. The cloud-based solution offers insights in the background, allowing water utilities to learn from the insights and proactively manage a sustainable future. offers a pilot of this revolutionary real-time leak localization platform at an initial lower cost, providing an opportunity to demonstrate the value in proactively maintaining assets, environmental sustainability, and meeting the needs of valuable constituents.

Real-time Leak Detection and Localization Software Innovative Partner

We give water knowledge.