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Aqualitec’s bar screen Screentec is a mechanical vertical bar screen specifically designed to remove objects such as rags, wipes and plastics, from wastewater and protect pumps from clogging. It is the first line of defense used by wastewater treatment plants or collection system. Thanks to its unique vertical design, it can retrofit any headworks, pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and manholes. It protects pumps from rags, wipes, plastics and other solids. It also prevents pumps from clogging up, extends their life cycle and improves the quality of wastewater treatment.

Screentec fits into narrow and deep structures, avoiding costly structural changes. It does not have any moving parts under grade level, providing easy and safe maintenance for the operational staff.

Minimal and easy maintenance. Screentec does not have moving parts at the bottom of the frame. Weekly maintenance consists only of a visual check of the top section of the frame. Grade level access via the secure hood minimizes operator time, risk, and expense.

Provides odor control. The frame of the vertical bar screen is completely enclosed. Adding a washer-compactor with a bagger system, such as Compactec, maintains total odor control.

Screentec, The Pump Station Bar Screens.
Screentec, The Pump Station Bar Screen.


Two heavy-duty chains, driven by a powerful drive shaft, carry a system of rakes placed three feet apart. Each rake contains multiple teeth and/or brushes, and the stainless steel drive chains are connected with links, bearings free, to minimize maintenance. The chain rollers are made of stainless steel and the chain guides are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), with no metallic lower bearings and no lower sprockets.

A scraper, placed at the point of discharge, cleans the screened material from the rakes and ejects the debris. Raketec’s rakes are designed to mesh perfectly with the bar screen system. The rakes clean debris from the bar screen, and convey waste material up to grade level.

Raketec can be set to run continuously, on a timer program, or with a water level sensor.

Straight forward design. The gear motor, mounted at the top of the frame, rotates the drive shaft. The links of the chain fit into two cogwheels, located on each extremity of the drive shaft. Driven by the rotation of the shaft, the links of the two stainless steel chains slide into the HDPE track. With the HDPE track system, there is no friction between the chain and the frame of the bar screen

Raketec Bar Screens, by Aqualitec
Headworks Multi Rake Bar Screen Raketec.