Simple wireless solutions for a complex and fast changing world

 Forming a strategic partnership, CPM and Smartrek Technologies provide communication solutions to utilities, operators, and the water and wastewater industry with easy connectivity in challenging environments. We provide low cost turnkey Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions, driven by Smartrek’s ATRAX product line, and empowered by SpiderMesh, the only true cooperative mesh technology. Regardless of location and infrastructure this technology provides solutions to complex problems with remote work, monitoring and control solutions. Utilizing Smartrek Technology and CPM’s expertise we provide cost effective solutions for the agriculture, utility, construction and mining industries to embrace and quickly deploy remote monitoring and control solutions within their ecosystem.

“A common passion for solving complex problems, regardless of the challenge, we knew CPM would be a great partner. CPM does not shy away from taking on the projects and challenges most would avoid. We are pleased to work alongside their experienced and talented team. Looking forward to great things!”

Martin Carrier – CEO and Founder

“We immediately recognized the potential of Smartrek Technologies products and technology. Their SpiderMesh LPWAN protocol, used within their ATRAX product line, provides limitless potential for remote work, monitoring, control and automation of sensors, probes and equipment, regardless of location. We’re thrilled to be working with them!”

Chris MacDonald – President

What is SpiderMesh?

 SpiderMesh is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) protocol, from concept to reality, it is a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless technology built from the ground up.


The first truly cooperative mesh technology, featuring bit synchronized communication, we make it possible to counter the well known effect of packet collision as the network increases in size. A true differentiation between SpiderMesh and other mesh protocols.

While standard protocols re-transmit data in a nondeterministic fashion in the event of a packet collision, SpiderMesh makes it possible to avoid these collisions. Thus, unrivaled and unmatched performance in terms of power consumption, network size and reliability in maintaining M2M communication.

SpiderMesh is best in class among the “other guys” and leads the way as the first LPWAMN (low-power wide-area mesh network).


Build atop of poor foundation –
Get a crooked house

Unlike the “other guys” we built a rock solid foundation to build upon.

Standard and advanced mesh technologies rely on the 802.15.4 (a wireless personal area network standard) foundation. Unfortunately, that structure wasn’t built to handle mesh communications. Therefore, technologies such as Zigbee and their more advanced counterparts lack the scalability and Quality of Service (QoS) necessary for IoT.

Our foundation opens up limitless application potential. We just didn’t cut a piece of the LPWAN pie, SpiderMesh is a whole other pie.

We enable tremendous connectivity potential, extending across vast distances, providing exceptional Simplicity, QoS, Flexibility, Scalability, Reliability, all while maintaining Low-cost and Autonomy.


 An LPWAN technology

Standard protocols got you bogged down? SpiderMesh is a true cooperative mesh 

technology, bit synchronized at the physical layer.


Check this out:


  • Zero network degradation
  • Energy efficient network, no need for energy capture
  • Remarkable reliability and network resilience
  • Virtually unlimited network scalability
  • Ease and simplicity of network configuration and maintenance. 

Keeping It Simple

SpiderMesh is designed for the most challenging deployments and
connects devices seamlessly no matter the environment.

Tried, test and proven since 2012 we have enabled object and sensor connectivity reliably, regardless of location and environment conditions, such as remote forested areas, dense urban environments and underground tunnels.

Additionally, because SpiderMesh is frequency hopping, we are a resilient and tolerant network within noisy and/or industrial environments, but wait there’s more. You can also add virtually unlimited number of sensors and/or objects to the same network, simply and easily. WOW