Over the past 50 years pipeline rehabilitation has become a critical component for municipal and industrial clients to adopt and ensure infrastructure reliability and sustainability efficiently while protecting our natural resources. In response to the need for a sustainable, reliable pressure pipe rehabilitation solution, CPM Pipelines introduced a flexible fabric reinforced pipe (FFRP) system to the U.S. market about ten years ago, following 15 years of use in European infrastructure rehab.


Pressure surges are the cause of damaged pipes and cause premature failure, not collapses due to structural issues. After the pipe is rehabilitated with FFRP the pressure is removed from the existing host pipe and transferred to the liner. The original pipe handles the external loading and structural needs of the line, while the liner system handles the internal pressure requirements. Most failures occur at pipe joints, and FFRP systems have joints every 2000- to 5000-feet, making it unlikely a joint will fail from improper installation. Due to the liner installed in an existing Class IV pipe, the liner is considered Class III and semi-structural.


CPM Pipelines has a solid history installing FFRP liner systems with close to 100 installs nationwide. This innovative technology, with the material strength of a steel pipeline, allows for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines. It is suitable for water, wastewater, fire, industrial, gas, oil, and high temperatures with a 40- to 50-year service life duration. Water authorities and network operators benefit from the reliable operation and a sustainable investment in their fixed asset, at a fraction of the cost to replace pipelines.


FFRP requires minimal preparation and disruption to the surrounding environment, with joints at insertion and retrieval, and installation speeds of up to 1,312-feet per hour and 8,200-feet pull. CPM Pipelines is honored to partner with ASOE to develop the North American market and launch BulletLiner SystemTM for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes. BulletLiner SystemTM is available in 2-inches up to 48-inches, resists temperatures -40º F to 167º F, with H Series liner resisting temperatures up to 230º F. In the past FFRP systems were only available up to 20-inches, and the nominal ID was smaller than the actual ID and fitting ID at termination. With the availability of up to 48-inch diameter and full inner diameter liner and fittings BulletLiner SystemTM is the solution to cost effective, efficient rehabilitation for pressure pipes in water, wastewater, fire, industrial, gas, oil and high temperature situations.


FFRP liner systems are widely accepted, and AWWA, ASTM, and NS61 approved. NASSCO is currently developing new standards that will assist owners and design engineers to incorporate FFRP systems into projects and designs with professional guidance.