Manhole and Composite Honeycomb Rehabilitation Systems

CPM Pipelines, teamed with Geneva Pipe and Precast, a Northwest Pipe Company, provides revolutionary rehab solutions for manholes, wastewater structures, and corrosion-resistant lining to new structures, extending the service life by decades.

Perfect Lined Manhole is a reinforced precast concrete manhole that meets ASTM C478 and is lined with high-quality synthetic polymer liner, which protects the concrete from Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) when exposed to municipal and industrial wastewater. The entire structure of the monolithic manhole base including the wall, channel, berm, and the pipe connections are reliably leak-proof. The smooth change in the angle and slope of all channels and pipe connections provide ideal flow properties and prevent deposit build-up. The custom invert channels accommodate pipe of any configuration or size.

After installation, the Perfect Lined Manhole is easy to maintain and provides a high load-bearing capacity under static and dynamic loads. Setting a new quality standard for surface drainage and wastewater systems, the Perfect Lined Manhole System is available in standard sizes ranging from 48-inch up to 120-inch diameter.

Composite Honeycomb Rehabilitation System panels are quickly installed in pre-drilled locations that are mechanically anchored to the inside of large concrete wastewater structures. The surface of the Composite Honeycomb System is supplied with specially formatted FRP designed and tested to resist highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide gases. Once the panels are securely mounted the seams between adjacent panels and all fastener heads are sealed with high strength woven C-Glass forming a gas and watertight lining that is completely corrosion resistant. Structures that are out of square can be built up with additional spacers to bring the interior back to a square and consistent surface.