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FOG and Odor Control Systems

CPM Pipelines offers a variety of solutions for improving operations at wastewater lift stations.  Due to the complexity of operations and the corrosive nature of the environment inside a lift station wet well, successful outcomes lie in analyzing specific needs and offering a variety of technologies to provide solutions.


A primary need at most lift stations is the elimination of FOG or fats, oils and greases.  The presence of FOG in a lift station creates the need for weekly maintenance that often includes utilizing expensive vactor truck service to remove the heavy build up inside a wet well.  The build up can create a “fog mat” across the top of the station that can falsely trigger high and low level alarms on pump operations, pull pump floats from their anchor points, and create excessive odors. 


To be effective in solving the overall issues at a specific location CPM Pipelines combines a variety of technologies to offer a holistic approach to removing FOG, odors, and excessive debris. In addition, we offer robust solutions for rehabilitating the walls of standard concrete wet wells that have deteriorated from the corrosive environmental created by the presence of H2S with the installation of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic). Through the use of a variety of technologies and systems we can drastically reduce the investment associated with FOG and odor removal, while providing extended warranties on the FRP which protects the surface of the concrete.


Air ejection in combination with highly programmable chemical feed systems can not only remove FOG and odors locally at a lift station but can also effectively eliminate FOG and odor downstream regardless of the distances between stations or facilities.  Locally at the station over time the addition of air converts the anaerobic environment and bacteria to one that is aerobic and dominated by aerobic bacteria.  The aerobic bacteria are much more aggressive than the anaerobic bacteria and aggressively eliminate and keep the lift station free of FOG.


In conjunction, combining the air ejection with chemical and controls, the chemical usage and cost drop drastically compared to chemical addition alone. Reductions of as much as 90% have been achieved compared to chemical addition alone. Chemicals tend to drop out of solution in the bottom of the wet well or float to the top. The aggressiveness of an air ejection system from Reliant Technologies Wet Well Wizard keeps the chemical in solution, and drastically reduces the amount necessary to effectively treat the station for odors. Chemical expenses are reduced, maintenance cost drop and the wet wells remain free of odors and fog mats.



Screening Solutions and FRP Panels

Once the key goals related to FOG and odor control are addressed additional solutions related to scrubber systems can be incorporated into the treatment plan. CPM Pipelines offers simple carbon systems to more complex chemical scrubber systems.

Lift stations with heavy debris flowing into the wet well, can further complicate the station’s operation and damage the mechanical components especially valves and pumps. Debris traveling as far as the plant can further harmful consequences. Harmful debris can be removed with the installation of Screentec by Aqualitec, a simple vertical bar screen. Screentec is a simple automated screening system with low maintenance, providing effective debris removal to protect the station and plant. Screentec can be installed for new construction, and also retrofitted to existing stations that have experienced issues. 


Elimination of FOG and odor and the benefits to cities and municipalities

By eliminating the FOG in the lift stations and force mains, cleaning is no longer a constant battle by the maintenance and operations staff. When utilizing air to first emulsify then remove FOG, the area’s that are treated become aerobic and more aggressive aerobic activity will then eliminate the FOG.


Over time as the dissolved oxygen levels increase in the lift stations being treated and the oxidation reduction potential comes up from negative to close to zero, the production of H2S gas is eliminated. This in turn will reduce or eliminate corrosion at the site, freshen the air, and protect expensive equipment.


Pumps will no longer pull rags and debris into the volutes that have been combined with the FOG, which will prevent damage and expensive pump removal and repair. The elimination of FOG will also prevent damage to expensive floats and other monitoring equipment in the station.


In addition to the results delivered through solutions provided at lift stations, these systems are easily installed at plant headworks to keep activated sludge mixed and in solution at influent boxes and critical locations throughout the plant. With the DO that results at the stations, the water will be easier to treat and flow into the wastewater treatment plant pre-conditioned, further reducing the cost to treat.


While most companies just offer one solution to these type problems, CPM Pipelines provides a more scientific, holistic approach, combining innovative technologies to solve FOG and odor issues at lift stations, protect concrete walls and structures, and effectively remove heavy debris.