Water Utility Leak Detection




CPM Pipelines provides sales and service utilizing the latest in evolving leak detection technology. Traditional leak detection equipment and service has expanded through the use of various acoustic technologies (Gutermann). Incorporating these technologies into correlators for both transmission and distribution system piping, correlating loggers, and most recently advance IoT loggers that can be deployed remotely, and automatically feed data collected to the cloud via cellular transmission. Recently technologies have advanced to include satellite imaging, low voltage electrodes, in line inspection balls (Ingu Piper) and in line inspection pigs. Less we forget to mention the most recent introduction into the market, leak sniffing dogs.  CPM Pipelines has worked with all of these technologies, and can provide the resources for clients to choose technologies best suited to their specific needs and goals. We can provide services or equipment purchase for clients providing a quick and efficient method to locate leaks on distribution system piping, water transmission mains, services, or other critical water infrastructure.

Acoustic Leak Correlating Loggers: Deployed overnight when the system is quiet. Collects leak data and displays it the following day utilizing an overlay on google earth map which determines location as well as equipment and labor required to open the location and make necessary repairs.

Live Correlators: Used for immediate results for distribution piping and transmission mains in addition to ground listening microphones to pinpoint live leaks that have already surfaced but are difficult to locate due to on-site conditions such as bedding or poly wrap that allows the leak to run before surfacing.

HULO Leak Detection: With a unique approach HULO can detect leaks in the very early stages on a real-time basis. No historical data is needed to detect leaks. Plug and play!  Connect existing pressure sensors to the advanced analytics and algorithms provided by HULO and see immediate results to make immediate improvements to systems and operations. Utilizing hydraulic models, HULO will accurately localize the detected leaks. 

A DMA (District Metered Area) can be expensive to implement. HULO’s algorithms know exactly where to place sensors most efficiently, taking into account all purposes.  Accurately place sensors throughout the system based on the existing hydraulic model and reduce any duplication of data that isn’t necessary. The current DMA design might not be optimized. HULO’s DMA doctor will check if the DMA design can be enhanced or improved.

Benefits of Leak Detection for cities and municipalities:

  • Reduce non-revenue water
  • Eliminate active leaks that can damage property and create dangerous situations
  • Prevent other underground utilities from damage due to water leaks
  • Prevent the undercutting of back fill that could result in damage to surrounding systems

CPM can deploy trained staff to quickly prevent damage in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and the Southeast, utilizing high technology detection methods to accurately and cost-effectively identify leaks. System surveys perform up to 10 miles of pipe per day versus other services that are limited by their reach. We provide services for single leaks, large scale leaks and scope projects requiring weeks or months on site to collect necessary data to identify leak locations including in depth reporting, analysis and transferable GIS database. CPM works with clients to provide long term solutions for performing leak surveys to help clients reduce their overall non-revenue water, thus providing reduced costs, improving service reliability for clients and customers, and helping sustain our future water supply.