HULO’s journey was inspired by Acquaint’s journey. Together, we strive for a reliable water infrastructure, worldwide


HULO’s mission is to provide a globally affordable solution to improve water supplies and to reduce NRW by doing it the smart way, ’together’ with our clients. We believe that developing knowledge together with our clients is most beneficial for a sustainable and future proof water supply. 

A lot of black-box and off the shelves solutions are offered these days to the water sector. With these solutions, the knowledge about what is really happening stays at the commercial companies selling these smart algorithms. HULO is different. We do this by developing smart algorithms, together with independent research institutes. These independent research institutes continuously receive questions from the water companies and therefore help us to specify these needs and develop the solutions for these needs. 


We develop algorithms to design a DMA and to detect, localize and categorize leakages. Since we do this based on the needs of our customers, it allows us to make a specific solution for every client. This solution works in the system of the client, which allows them to understand it and learn from it. 


HULO gives water knowledge, straight from the capital of water technology: Leeuwarden, the Netherlands


Our Services:

Real-time leak detection: With a unique approach HULO can detect leaks in the very early statges on a real-time basis. No historical data is needed to detect leaks. Plug and play!

Leak localization: With hydraulic models, HULO will localize the detected leaks as accurate as possible.

Leak volume: “We want to repair the biggest leaks first!”. A quote we will not forget. With HULO we are able to determine the leak volume; isn’t that nice?

DMA design: A DMA can be expensive to implement. HULO’s algorithms know exactly where to place sensors most efficiently, taking into account all purposes.

DMA optimization: The current DMA design might not be the best suitable for you. HULO’s DMA doctor will check if the DMA design can be optimized. Schedule your appointment with the doctor now!

Water is a scarce resource. Did you know that water will be a scarcer resource if we do not act quickly? You, I, we can contribute to the solution.