free swimming pipeline technology



INGU Pipers®, a free floating inspection device utilizes acoustics to identify air pockets and leaks, magnetic sensors to determine wall condition and locate hot taps, and a pressure sensor to identify deposits and sediment buildup on pressure pipelines. This technology has been used throughout North American in water, wastewater, oil and gas pipeline applications to collect data on over 600 pipelines of all materials and size totaling 2,800 miles. Pipers® provide easy access to pipeline assets regardless of condition, location, material or configuration, and can inspect any material down to 2-inches in diameter.



Large diameter pipelines up to 48-inches, and specialized conditions

Pressures up to 1,450 psi

Temperature range: -4 to 140º F

Runtime up to 24 hours for storage and operation at 68º F

Diameter: 2.8-inches


Leak Detection

Greater program integrity and risk mitigation by regularly monitoring high consequence areas.

Hydraulic Grade line

With 100 pressure measurements per second, Pipers® can provide a highly accurate hydraulic grade line.

Wall Condition Monitoring

Pipers® data is highly repeatable over time allowing for an accurate determination of changes in the pipeline condition. Regular monitoring delivers greater program control, early detection, and lower costs.