free swimming pipeline technology



Piper, CPM’s in-line screening technology powered by INGU is a small diameter sphere that can travel freely with product flow through most pipelines. It is an excellent solution to screen pipelines for local leaks, air pockets, geometry and other information. Consecutive runs through a pipeline deliver additional layers of information that can enhance inspection quality and reliability. Ideally this type of technology can be used successfully to locate leaks on water mains and identify leaks and air pockets on sewer force mains. Once air pockets are identified on a force main application a more detailed pipe wall assessment can be performed.



3-inch to 78-inch water or wastewater mains

Lines that can’t be taken out of service

Non-piggable pipelines

Any pipe material

Long pipeline lengths (up to 12 miles in one day)

Deeply trenched pipelines

New pipeline base lining


These miniature, in-line sensors efficiently detect threats to pipeline performance, providing a low-cost alternative to traditional inline inspections. A final report is delivered detailing findings and providing location information correlated with client records.