The Remedy for Collection Systems


The Wet Well WizardTM is the only one-size-fits-all wet well aeration system that has no moving parts, is completely non-corrosive, simple to install, and utilizes no electricity underwater.  It can be installed in 30 minutes and requires almost no maintenance.  This patened technology consists of a unique set of antipodal bubble cleaving disks inside a confined tube that cuts and shapes large air bubbles into high speed, spinning FOG cutters.  For large wet wells (over 10-foot diameter) multiple Wizards operate with the use of a single air generation source.  Minimal maintenance consists of monthly air filter cleaning.


The Wet Well WizardTM is designed in such a manner that it will not cause the cavitation of pumps and it will not become clogged with floating well debris.  The air source is an industrial grade regenerative blower that can be supplied with stainless steel components if desired, as well as a weather cover or silencing enclosure, although total blower noise level is rated at 68 dB.


  • Dissolves fog within hours
  • Eliminates H2S odors completely
  • Eliminates the septicity of H2S in the wet well and downstream
  • Transforms the microbial population in the wet well to a completely aerobic population
  • Improves the water quality of the collection system to the point of pre-processing the water, which will improve wastewater plant operations


Watch the Wet Well WizardTM in action for 60 days: