360º Pipeline Scan in a Flash


The Acquaint PipeScanner is loaded with sensors to detect corrosion, leaching, H2S degradation (AC) and create comprehensive, interactive data on pipeline condition. Specially developed to inspect pipelines in a non-destructive way from the outside with little disturbance. For use on steel, cast iron or asbestos cement pipe wall thickness.  The PipeScanner allows you to manage your own condition assesments, both planning and implementation, whenever and wherever you want.  Measurement data is transmitted to Acquaint’s cloud via the upload tool, where it is quickly analyzed. You easily gain accurate access to your pipeline’s current condition within the day.




  •  Exceptional on asbestos cement for determining remaining structural density
  •  Ability to maximize each scan to create value
  • Measures pipe wall thickness with pipeline in-service
  •  Scientifically validated

PipeScanner performs comprehensive pipeline condition assessment: