Did you know CPM Pipelines offers traditional leak detection equipment and services utilizing GUTERMANN award-winning acoustic water leak detection technologies? The correlating sensors from GUTERMANN are arguably the most advanced, robust and best performing on the market. They record the sound frequency spectrum and allow correlation between the different loggers, thereby avoiding false positives by filtering out non-leak noise sources and pinpointing the exact location of leaks using correlation and cross-correlation techniques between loggers. GUTERMANN loggers not only provide noise-level data and advanced spectrum analysis, but they can also correlate and are therefore able to pinpoint leaks with high accuracy.


  • Global success – Launched in 2001, the first correlating logger in the world. Only logger on the market with a proprietary radio module. Zonescan 820 logger has become the leak noise logger of choice for many European, Asian and U.S. technology companies providing leak detection solutions.
  • Entirely modular – Zonescan 820 logger can be used in a lift and shift, drive-by or remote access mode, allowing mode changes or adding loggers along the way.
  • 30 times more sensitive – Zonescan 820 filters out ambient noises around the loggers, and electrical and mechanical sounds on the pipe with advanced spectrum analysis; and identifies real leaks. Another crucial benefit of correlation is the ability to automatically and accurately pinpoint the identified leak, and place the exact location on the pipe map.