Rapid Detection of Internal and External Corrosion Damage


Detect unseen hazards that cause life-threatening leaks,
pollution and property damage

 CPM’s Electromagnetic Bracelet Probe technology quickly and easily adapts to any size ductile-iron, cast-iron or steel pipe starting at six inch diameter. Bracelet Probe contains 16 high resolution sensors that cover a ten inch wide scan path along the outside of the pipe utilizing a low frequency electromagnetic field that penetrates through the pipe wall. Variations in the thickness of the pipe result in changes to the field that is detected by the sensors. These field variations are measured by a Ferroscope instrument that records and displays via lap top computer. Data is displayed immediately and is available for instant analysis.


Flexible solutions for your inspection needs

Bracelet Probe provides a practical solution for the fast, economical inspection of bare, coated or wrapped pipes.


Rapid results: Near real time
Screen snapshots can be saved of the 3D color maps, strip charts and voltage planes which are used to display and size the degree of damage. Trends in wall thickness reductions can be easily seen and understood. Individual pits, graphed data and erosion are all immediately visible.