The most versatile in-line inspection tool for determining the condition of water pressure pipelines


Aquabrella resembles a series of umbrellas, moving through the pipe with the flow of water, following the shape and diameter as it collects data using advanced sensors. Aquabrella measures wall thickness, subsidence, deformations, corrosion, leaching, sulfate attack and plots XYZ locations using ultrasonic sound waves and magnetic field wave technologies. During this process the tool provides data driven results and absolute measurements to determine pipe condition. The accuracy and consistency in the data collected is a direct result of sensor placement directly against the interior wall of the pipe being inspected.  This innovative, free swimming inspection technology increases the range of one kilometer using traditional visual camera inspection to a range of over twenty kilometers. Due to its flexible design, it fits through a small diameter manway access point, has zero impact to the pipe wall during inspection and creates little turbidity, allowing the pipeline to stay in service.