The Smart Tool for In-line 
Pipe Inspections


Ultra flexible, pipe friendly, reliable tool with UT circumferencial scanning sensor and Internal Mapping Unit is a multi-diverse in-line inspection tool designed to use in all material types both ferrous and non-ferrous. Acquarius’ sensors record the condition of many miles of both water and wastewater pipelines in a single run without shut down, recording and sending measurement data to the cloud platform. Designed to provide high-quality, accurate data in a wide range of applications, service conditions and pipeline environments. Collected data offers insight into the condition, risks and remaining lifetime for all pipes in the network.

  •  Comprehensive condition assessment in a single run
  •  Measures wall thickness, subsidence, pipe ovality, deformations, joint defects, corrosion, leaching sulfate attack and plots XYZ locations

Acquarius’s sensors assess the condition of
transport and pressure in a single run: