CCTV pipeline inspection systems



Crawler CCTV Inspection System

Compact portable system that delivers the power of a fully equipped inspection truck. Inspects pipe from 6-inch to 120-inch, potable water. Cameras have 360º rotation on both axis, LED lighting, 120X zoom and exclusive camera lens cleaning system with field replaceable wipers to maximize productivity. The camera’s 270º viewing angle, rear-viewing camera and a lift to center give complete visibility to ensure accurate assessments. Controlled by a hand held all in one transmitter that controls functions of the transporter, and innovative camera and reel. Fingertip controls for powerful, steerable transporter operation, cruise control, built in DVR, and an overlay that can be used as a stand alone titler or communicate with most software packages.

Subaqueous Swimming CCTV Inspection Systems

Engineered to strike the perfect balance between size and power. Inspects pipes 24-inches and larger, tanks and other subaqueous. Hardware and software are precisely optimized to increase performance, ability and efficiency. Fully immersable camera provides 200o range of motion. Bridge technology enhances operations for improved viewing, operating and data recording. The six thruster configerature allows the inspection system to move laterally, pivot effortlessly and withstand strong currents. Latest sensor integrations and software advances allow for semi autonomous navigation.

4K camera and ultra wide angle, crystal clear lense for enhancee optical performance and clarity enabled
by bridge technology which allows for environment specific image optimizing. Whether the water is crystal clear or murky, the subject will be seen clearly.


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