BulletLiner System® FFRP Trenchless Rehabilitation



Trenchless Rehabilitation for Pressure Pipes

CPM Pipelines’ BulletLiner System® Flexible Fabric Reinforced Pipe (FFRP) is an innovative technology for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines suitable for water, wastewater, gas and oil. BulletLiner System® FFRP is flexible, foldable and light with the material strength of a steel pipeline. Due to the extreme flexibility it opens up a variety of rehab applications eliminating trenching, pipeline removal and disposal, and disruption of the surrounding environment. Installation requires two small excavation pits or access points for rehabilitating a deteriorated section of pipe. This reduces the conventional pipeline replacement noise, traffic disturbances, time-consuming reconstruction, and economic impacts to the surrounding landscape and structures. Suitable for the transportation of various liquids including potable water, reclaimed water, wastewater, and drinking water with approvals in numerous countries.


The ideal flow characteristics caused by an extremely smooth inner lining and surge pressure rating up to two times operating pressure make BulletLiner System® FFRP an economical solution for the rehabilitation of aging pipelines. Water authorities and network operators benefit from the reliable operation and a sustainable investment in their fixed assets.

• Installation speeds of up to 1,312-feet per hour and 8,200-feet pull

• Custom design and manufacture for higher pressures and up to 48-inch diameter

• Resists temperatures -40º F to 167º F,  with H Series liner resisting temperatures 

   up to 230º F

• Installation through multiple bends of up to 45°

• Fully flexible seamlessly woven Aramid fabric

• 5 year material warranty; 50 year service life duration

"Over the years, I hoped to see ASOE establish a strong presence in the North American market simply because America needs access to the best technical solutions to meet current and future challenges. I am convinced that ASOE is committed to delivering the highest quality solutions with the highest level of customer service and quality. I have been involved first-hand with the physical testing both in our TTC labs and in China."

Tom Iseley, Ph.D., P.E., Dist. M. ASCE, PWAM