CPM Pipelines air release and vacuum valves



CPM provides a turnkey solution to clients with air release and vacuum valve service and a comprehensive approach to maintenance for water and wastewater system applications.


Over the past 10 years, CPM Pipelines performed maintenance, repair, and replacement to over 1,000 air release and vacuum valves for a variety of clients in the water and wastewater industry. Our qualified service staff, equipment and parts inventory are equipped to perform work in facilities and plants, as well as outside with confined space entry and within traffic restrictions. Upon completion, CPM Pipelines provides assessment scores for each of the assets and can incorporate them into an ESRI based GIS database that can easily be added to an existing GIS system.  We offer products from industry leading manufactures such as H-TEC and VSI providing long-term solutions for distribution and collection systems. 


Properly functioning air valves protect the system from surge and vacuum conditions that may occur during pipeline filling or draining, as well as normal operating conditions.  Malfunctioning air valves can cause air lock and pipeline collapse. In wastewater force main applications it can promote the conversion of H2S gases to H2SO4, sulfuric acid, accelerating damage to the crown of a sewer force main resulting in premature failure and decreasing remaining lifetime use. 


CPM Pipelines has numerous on-call contracts in place nationally such as TIPS USA that have cooperative language for setting up contracts to perform these services through contracts that have been previously bid. This allows clients to quickly execute contracts, save money on the procurement process, and take advantage of significant cost savings.