In 2014, Acquaint began their mission: to ensure reliable water infrastructure and services worldwide. They achieve this by developing innovative solutions that enable pipeline owners and managers to predict pipeline failure and prevent damage and water wastage. Operating from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands: the Capital of Water Technology, where they closely collaborate with businesses, government organizations and educational institutions to help introduce their innovative technology to the world.

This collaboration allowed Acquaint to develop a revolutionary approach to making water networks safer and more reliable. They accomplish this through a combination of innovative inspection methods and autopilot. Offering asset managers all the insights they need to predict pipeline failures and set smarter management and maintenance priorities based on facts.

Their inspection techniques and data solutions don’t just ensure better safety and reliability. Their approach also results in significant cost savings.  Acquaint will help you gain data driven insights to plan management and maintenance smarter, and maximize your assets.

Why Inspect? As a manager, you want to improve your control over your water network. You’d prefer to know today where tomorrow’s problems will occur. Acquaint puts you back in the driver’s seat. Their innovative inspection techniques and autopilot can help you move towards 100% predictability.

PipeScanner performs comprehensive pipeline condition assessment
Acquarius’s sensors assess the condition of transport, pressure and sewer pipes in a single run